Do you have a question about the International Documentary Challenge contest? Use this form to submit questions. Answers to frequently asked questions will be posted below. We will follow up each question individually by email:

    Why is the entry fee $115? It seems higher than most festivals.

    Being that you’re independent filmmakers, we understand your concern about the fee. Keep in mind that you are doing much more than just entering a festival. The IDC is much different in that:

    1) We limit the number of entries (250) where festivals do not. (SXSW had 3,100 submissions and Sundance had over 8,000!)
    2) By paying the fee, you are in the competition, not just considered for it. We work toward getting the films screened and distributed, no matter if they are winners or not. At a festival you get one screening (maybe two.) Last year we worked all year on getting the films screened many times and we actually got more TV distribution for non-winners than winners! 3) We are a non-profit organization and not in this to make a profit. Our goal is to eventually lower the fee to make it more affordable for our filmmakers. We are always pursuing sponsors to help underwrite the expenses of running the event.

    What are the prizes?

    All 12 finalists will screen at Hot Docs in Toronto and receive a pass to the festival ($400 value.) The Grand Prize Winner will receive $1,000 and a membership in the International Documentary Association. We pursue distribution (per the filmmakers approval) for all of the entries.

    Are we free to submit our project in other festivals?

    Yes, filmmakers are encouraged to submit their films to festivals. Just please notify us if your film is accepted to a festival.

    Can we put our film on YouTube or other video-hosting sites?

    Eventually. We ask that you wait to do this until distribution has been pursued – having your film on the internet could affect the ability to have your film screened in festivals and on TV.

    Can I take a look at some of the films from past competitions?

    You bet! Check out our screening room: http://www.documentarychallenge.org/results2006.htm